Obstetrics and gynecology practice, psychotherapy & counselling Dr. Georgina Wechsler and Dr. Eli Wechsler

We offer up to date medical care, diagnostics, and all-round treatment. As a patient, you will gain the benefit of our additional qualifications including obstetrics, prenatal diagnosis and psychotherapy. As a Specialist for perinatal medicine, Dr. Eli Wechsler has extensive experience in responding to the needs of pregnant women and treating any complications of pregnancy.

Dr. med. Georgina Wechsler

Specialist for obstetrics and gynaecology
Psychotherapy - sexual therapy
Member of German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
Quality management
Online - Therapie

Dr. med. Eli Wechsler
Dr. med. Eli Wechsler

Specialist for obstetrics and gynaecology
Specialist for perinatal medicine


3D-4D ultrasound

3D-4D ultrasound images are three-dimensional generates real-time videos. more information and appointment

Anti-aging: the way to stay healthy.

Aging is now the most important risk factor for those diseases that our destiny in the 21 Century determine: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and dementia. Even cancer is essentially an age-related disease. The anti-aging medicine is concerned with the prevention and normalization of age-related changes and promotes the healthy aspects of man. The core question is: How do I stay healthy? more information and appointment